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Are you a professional accountant registered with one of FEE's 47 Member Bodies? Do you want to connect with your peers all over Europe? Join our FEE LinkedIN group 'Connect with European Professional Accountants' and become part of the community of accountants that FEE represents.

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FEE's 2014 Annual Report provides a full overview of FEE's activities during the last year and includes an update on the EU institutions.

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Get an overview of all EU and international developments especially relevant for SMPs. FEE issued the first edition of these Highlights in cooperation with the IFAC SMP Committee.

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corner FEE Survey on the PIE definitions applicable in European countries more...

corner FEE published Briefing Papers on the audit reform.FEE also published Factsheets to improve the understanding of the new audit regulatory framework, Frequently Asked Questions, tables summarising the options included in the legislation, as well as the text of the amended Directive showing the changes in comparison with the 2006 Statutory Audit Directive.

corner FEE Briefing Paper on European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS) more...

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